2000 hectares lost in a day to wildfires

13 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

Working on Fire (WOF) participants in Limpopo had a very busy start to August as they battled raging wildfires in the Waterberg District.

Waterberg is one of the areas which is prone to wildfires due to the type of vegetation.

About 100 WOF firefighters were dispatched to fires at Welgevonden where an estimated 2 000 hectares of vegetation were destroyed.

The firefighters had to work through the night to protect the environment and save properties from being destroyed.

As the vegetation in these areas is very dry the chance of more wildfires had increased.

To prevent more vegetation from being destroyed, the firefighters had to conduct back burns and succeeded in the early hours to bring the raging fires under control.

About 75 WOF firefighters from Leseding, Alma and Vingerkraal were dispatched to the Welgevonden fire to conduct a mop up, the final stage for fire suppression.

The teams also kept a close eye on flare ups that could cause the wildfire to resurge.

The WOF teams worked very hard to gain control and completely extinguished the fire by the end of the second day.

Our firefighters have been thoroughly trained in fire suppression and are confident of managing all the wildfires that are occurring in the province.

WOF will be keeping a close watch on the Waterberg District during this peak period of the fire season.