A big thank you to all our partners and stakeholders

6 Dec,2017Profiles, WoFire News

As we are wrapping up the 2017 winter fire season, we would like to use this platform to convey our heartfelt gratitude to government departments, Fire Protection Associations (FPAs), landowners, members of the public and our heroes – the firefighters across the country – for their commitment and overwhelming support throughout this season.

It was not an easy one but, through collaborative efforts, we managed to limit the personal and economic negative effects that result from unwanted veld and forest fires.

Throughout the winter fire season, we have shared our journey with you, our readers and loyal supporters, in this newsletter and on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

On behalf of our participants, with love, we thank you!

Thank for your engagement on our social media platforms, for the loud cheers and warm regards when you encounter our fire heroes on the streets in their yellow uniforms.

Thank you for the words of encouragement and the support you showed during the devastating Knysna fires in June.

As this winter fire season closes, we spare a thought the Western Cape, whose summer fire season is just beginning.