Abuse victims to get help

17 Jan,2017Working on Fire

On 26 November 2016 the Winterton Team hosted the 16 days of Activism event at the Winterton Sports Ground. The team put on a netball and soccer tournament to attract youth, and invited community leaders to speak at the event.

“We targeted teenagers as they are the future adults, and they are also the ones in abusive homes. We need them to understand that any type of abuse is wrong and they shouldn’t be afraid to speak out so they can get help,” says Type 1 crew leader, Perfect Dlamini.

Community leader Pastor Mazibuko told youth to report any abuse happening in their homes or child abuse in the community as the victims needed counselling and support. He added that no abuse victims should suffer in silence.

“I feel the event was a success. The youth really enjoyed the sports day we planned for them, and will soon play their final play-off games, where we will be giving trophies to the winning teams,” says Dlamini.