Bethlehem firefighter returns from Canada with a lot of knowledge

25 Aug,2015WoF International Deployments

A total of 10 firefighters from the Free State were chosen to go to Canada to join the South African Team of 48 firefighters who recently went over there to help with the wildfire suppression.

Maggy Radebe, a female from the Bethlehem Team was one of the ten Free State firefighters who went to Canada.

She celebrated her Women’s Day working hard in a foreign country some thousands of kilometres from her home. She said she loved the experience because got to learn about a lot of new things.

“Learning about their equipment was something different to us. They are using Pulaski and shovels to dig because they fight underground fires and they use pumps for water. The experience for me was something I never expected meaning I’ve learned a lot here”, she said.

She also mentioned that at first it was difficult because they had to make some adjustments.

“It was good but not simple because we had to get used to the sleep patterns and work extra hours meaning we worked 12 hours per day for 14 days and it wasn’t easy at all. When you sleep it is still daylight. The sunset is around 10:30pm. The entire experience was awesome.”

The mother of one of the returning WoF firefighters said she was excited that they all arrived home safely.