Emerging farmer has big plans

6 Dec,2017Profiles, WoFire News

As part of his concerted effort to break the cycle of poverty in his family, Samuel Mmolotsi, a firefighter at De Wildt Base, has become a livestock farmer.

Two years ago, he bought one cow with his stipend.

Mmolotsi says, “I now have six cows and intend buying more.

Farming is not easy but once it takes off dividends can be very good. I saw opportunity in farming.

I’m ready to face the challenges and storms ahead.”

Mmolotsi, who wants to become one of the leading red meat producers in this country, says he intends running a feedlot in the future.

He is a member of the National Emerging Red Meat Producers Organisation (NERPO), an organisation that he says helps emerging farmers with funding and technical advice.

Mmolotsi made contact with various successful commercial farmers in De Wildt through the Working on Fire programme who inspired him.

“These farmers helped me secure a plot I can lease and kick-start the feedlot project.

It was not easy at all but I have determination to succeed.

As young people, we need to commit to doing things for ourselves,” says Mmolotsi. “More youngsters look down on farming but the agricultural sector continues to create more seasonal jobs.”