Danielskuil Team comes to the rescue of Thlakalatlou

29 Jun,2015Fire Stories

The Danielskuil Team in the Northern Cape saved the lives of the Thlakalatlou residents as well as helping them not to have lost all their belongings during a fire which swept through the informal settlement.

Working on Fire was called to help when one of the shacks in the area caught fire.

The team was busy with the structural fire fighting course when they were called to assist the community to put out the fire. Their skills were then put to test and they demonstrated useful skills before their instructors.

Due to their help, the fire was prevented from spreading which could have robbed many residents of their belongings and some their lives. Team Crew Leader, Lenox Oliphant, said when the fire initially broke out, the team thought it was at one of their colleagues houses. However it appeared that it was a neighbour of one of the fire fighters.

“The team requested our help and we successfully assisted and the fire was put out,” he told WoFNews. The community was grateful to the fire fighters who have saved their lives and properties.