Early detection was key to my survival of cancer

26 October, 2020


Linda Pretorius is one of the longest serving employees of Working on Fire. Linda joined the Working on Fire  programme in April 2004, where she was appointed as a Payroll Clerk and Payroll Administrator at the head office in Nelspruit. “I have a passion for Working on fire and I am proud to be with the company for almost 17 years, enjoying every moment of it, mentioned Linda .”

In 2011 Linda was offered a great opportunity to assist with the establishment of a Provincial Office for the North West Province and is currently serving as the North West Provincial Payroll Administrator. Later in September 2011 Linda was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. “I found a lump in my breast and consulted my General Practitioner and was then referred to a specialist. Within a week after a biopsy was taken, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was admitted to hospital”

Linda says it was very difficult for her to accept, when she heard the word cancer, she immediately thought that her life was over. “I saw it as an enemy attacking me and that I was going to do everything to defeat it, having it cut out of my body was the first step although the journey was not easy,” says Linda.

The operation was done and the cancerous lump and glands under her arms were removed. The wounds took very long to heal but she made sure to follow doctor’s instructions and went for radiation therapy to speed up her recovery.

“It is now 9 years later and I am totally cure. I want every person to know that you have to pay attention to your body. Do not ignore anything that does not look or feel right on your body, no matter how small it may be,” encourages Linda.

“Cancer can be treated and defeated through a positive attitude, support from friends, family and colleagues and most importantly your faith in your creator,” encourages Linda.

Linda mentioned that is the appearance of the colour of a mole or if you feel a lump that does not heal, you should be examined by a doctor. This does not always mean that it is cancer but early detection is key to saving your life.

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