Educators urged to educate learners about fire safety

24 Dec,2016Fire Awareness, WoF service

The North West Communications Cluster mconducted a fire awareness workshop for early childhood development (ECD) educators at the Social Development Centre in Unit 2, Mogwase. Among the topics were fire background and dynamics, how to deal with fires, inside house fire safety, and safety in and around homes and schools.

The main aim of this workshop was to train the educators so they could in turn implement the lessons learnt in the workshop with their learners and make their centres fire safe.

About 26 educators from Mogwase were equipped with fire safe techniques as North West Fire Awareness Training Officer Martha Tepo discussed the causes and dangers of fires. She also explained to educators how to prevent learners from playing with dangerous objects around their centres and at home.

Educators formed discussion groups and were tasked to identify fire risks around them and come up with ways to eliminate fire risks. After group exercises, the educators provided feedback on which hazards cause fires and what to do to prevent them.

One of the educators, Lydia Seleteng, from Everjoy Day Care Centre in Mogwase, thanked WOF for the workshop. “I thank WOF for the information we received today. I will be able to pass it to my learners and share with my kids at home.”

Educator Themba Nzala, from Ebeneler Day Care in Monono, thanked WOF for an outstanding workshop that taught them about some of the fire risks at centres that they had not been aware of but about which they would now be more alert.