Empowering Grade R learners with fire weather

10 Mar,2016Training

Grade R learners at Tlou Piletjie Creche were graced by the presence of the WoF participants who visited their school to educate them about the fire weather which is also known as the Fire Danger Index?????.

The participants targeted young learners because they believe young learners have a good memory and can easily spread the message to their elders.

Participants also observed that during fire season some of the fires are caused by children because they don’t know the impact that fires can have on the environment.

The WoF participants taught the children a song about all the colours of the FDI to ensure children are able to remember the information they learned.

“Children learned about the FDI, we appreciate the information that was shared with us and we would like them to come back again and share more useful information with us,” said Mrs Moloto the school principal.