Ester Hlaki “Your dreams are valid!”

8 October, 2020


“I strongly believe that my actions today make my tomorrows better,” says KwaZulu-Natal Transport Officer, Ester Hlaki. Ester was recruited in 2010 at Kokstad Base in the Eastern Cape. After completing Grade 12 in 2007, Ester studied Human Resources Management at Esayidi FET College, but due to unforeseen circumstances could not complete the course. “In 2013 I got the exciting opportunity of becoming a type 3 dispatcher in KZN which was quite challenging,” she says.

“I have many awesome memories from being in the WOF programme, including my first Yellow Card Training Camp at Midmar and travelling to the Cape in 2015 to assist during their winter fire season. By far my greatest opportunity was studying Business at UCT in 2018 and graduating in 2019.”

“When I was promoted to Transport Officer, I faced some challenges as this is seen as a traditionally male job. Many people said that I would not survive. As I learnt the mechanical aspect of my role, I was fortunate enough to have the former Transport Officer supporting me.”

Hlaki says that she has learnt a lot over the years especially when it comes to finance. “I am happy that I have gained control of how to handle my finances now.”

Being a single mother and living away from her daughters was one of the challenges she faced.

“My next move is to go back to school in 2021 to study Fleet Management as I would love to own my own fleet company in the future. I believe in working  towards my goals and dreams.”

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