Firefighters share knowledge and skills with each other

25 Sep,2015WoF International Deployments

Firefighters from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces respectively have been able to share their skills, knowledge and experience in fire suppression amongst each other whilst they were on standby to assist Mpumalanga since July.

Firefighter, Yonela Dlamanzi, from Jonkershoek in the Western Cape told WoF News that they have learned and absorbed many skills from other fire fighters.

“The way we slash and do fire breaks in Western Cape is not the same as here, even the fuel is different. This allows us to gain more experience”, said Dlamanzi.

He added that since they arrived in the camp they are treating each other as brothers and sisters. Busisiwe Mkhonto from Breyton said that the programme does not treat people according to their cultures but they are being treated equally as a family.

“This gives us an opportunity to learn different cultures and able to survive in the same place, there is nothing difficult here we are doing the same job on the fire line”, said Mkhonto.

Regional Manager, Masibulele France, from the Western Cape said it was a good experience for him to manage different teams from different cultures.

“We really appreciated the Mpumalanga management as they were supporting us with everything that could be necessary for the firefighters when they are working away from their homes”, said France.

He concluded that if the Fire Danger Index (FDI) is low they do production and if it is high they stay in the camp ready for the call out to do fire suppression.

The Mpumalanga Provincial Management also organised a braai for all fire fighters who were on standby to show their appreciation for these young men and women who were far away from their homes.