First disabled person to be promoted as a WoF driver

20 Apr,2015WoF Firefighters with disabilities

Johny Mosito, stationed at the Pilanesburg base in the North West Province is one of the beneficiaries living with a disability in the WoF programme. He recently got promoted as a driver, making him the first disabled Store Person to be promoted as a driver within the programme.

Johny was born in the rural area of Manamakgoteng village in Rustenburg where he grew up as a normal young man and later on he had a stroke which affected the right side of his hip.

Johny joined WoF as a Store Person in August 2010 and made use of the opportunity to support his family. “As soon as I was in the programme I realised there are a lot of opportunities offered for one to grow because I needed to develop myself and take care of my two daughters. I decided to do my driver’s licence and computer skills”, Johny said. When asked what motivated him to become a driver he says he never let his walking disability define him. “I used to tell my crew members that one day I will be driving them and they would jokingly tease me”, he added.

Johnyhas already done his first long distance trip from Nelspruit to deliver new buses in the North West Province.

He says he would like to advise his WoF family to believe in themselves. “You must always have a plan and stick by it, put a little money away to save so you will be able to reach your dreams.”