Former participant lands job at SAPS

5 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

Mavis Mabena is now a policewoman in Mpumalanga.

She says she has put what she learned in the WOF programme to good use in her employment at the South African Police Services.

“The programme prepared me well for the tough labour market. It helped build my confidence,” she says.

Mabena also appreciates the skills in financial management and industrial relations she acquired at WOF and the work ethic and importance of team work that were stressed at WOF.

The former SHE representative at Leeuwfontein Base says safety in the work environment is still important.

“As a firefighter I sometimes thought safety rules were a futile exercise. They matter most now,” she says. “I put on a bulletproof vest like firefighters dress up in their personal protective clothing for safety reasons. I can’t compromise my safety.”

Mabena says firefighters in the WOF programme should not underestimate the impact and value of the skills the programme offers them.