Working on Fire Executive Committee (EXCO)

Functions and Portfolios


It is the structure through which the MD is able to obtain input in managing the company and keeping the EXCO members to account for their specific portfolios.

The EXCO Members are hence responsible for providing guidance on the overall direction and management of the company AND providing the strategic guidance and management of their portfolios.

The Executive Committee shall be specifically responsible for;

  1. Adopting the annual operating plans and annual budget of the company
  2. Providing Strategic Direction on the day to day business and affairs of the Company. Specifically;
  • The development, review and monitoring of the implementation of policies of the Company
  • Establishing best management practices and functional standards;
  • The adoption of implementation strategies of the Company;
  • Prioritising and allocating the Company’s capital, technical and human resources;
  1. Providing input to the Senior management appointments in Working on Fire and reviewing the performance management of and incentivising WoF personnel.
  2. Maintaining a group-wide system of internal control to manage all group risks associated with WoF’s operations are effectively managed in line with the DEA contract and the Ministerial Determination.
  3. Ensure that the policies and practices of Working on Fire are complaint with all legal and regulatory prescripts.
  4. Make recommendations, request for action and table reports to the Board relating to matters beyond the scope of its authority.
  5. The Executive is authorised to form sub-committees to assist it in the execution of its duties.

The current EXCO consists of the following members:

  1. Trevor Abrahams, Managing Director, responsible for the overall leadership and management of the company.
  2. Sandiso Ntsomi, Head of Finance, responsible for the financial management of the company.
  3. Piet van der Merwe, Executive for Operations, responsible for all the operations aspects of the company, including WoF Operations, WoF Services, Dispatch and Coordination, WoF Aviation and HAT.
  4. Natalie Sauls, Head of Human Capital, responsible for the human resources and social development functions in the company.
  5. Jacob Singo, Head of Occupational Health and Safety, responsible for the management of the OHS functions in the company.
  6. Ancil Lee, Executive responsible for Information Management in the company.
  7. Luthfia Cader, Executive responsible for Communications and Fire Awareness in the company.
  8. Shane Christian, the National General Manager, responsible for Provincial General Managers has also been invited to be part of the EXCO.
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