Giving 67 minutes for Mandela

5 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

In the week preceding International Nelson Mandela Day, President Jacob Zuma called upon South Africans to use Nelson Mandela Day on July 18 to intensify the fight against poverty. This year’s Mandela Day theme was #ActionAgainstPoverty.

President Zuma highlighted the Expanded Public Works Programme’s successful role in the government’s strategy to ensure effective poverty alleviation.

“During 2015/2016, more than 61000 work opportunities were created through environmental programmes such as Working for Water, Working for Wetlands, Working on Fire and Working for Ecosystems,” President Zuma said.

The Department of Environmental Affairs’ Working on Fire has over the past 14 years contributed significantly to poverty alleviation through creating work opportunities for young men and women.

Several stories in this newsletter show how, largely because of the training and development offered in Working on Fire, former participants are now employed in the formal sector.

On Mandela Day Working on Fire teams throughout the country joined various community-based institutions such as old age homes and special needs schools and assisted the elderly by cooking, cleaning their homes, and providing food parcels and clothing.