Happy Bosses Day | WOF acknowledges our strong leadership

16 October, 2020


WOF Managing Director, Trevor Abrahams has a vast array of knowledge and has worn many hats across his illustrious 43 year career. With extensive experience his expertise and passion lies with aviation, political economics and education. Having started as a psychology tutor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Trevor has also previously worked as a diamond diver, professor, lecturer and aviation’s expert, having held several of these positions abroad. He also sits on the board of several organisations. Trevor takes a personal interest in the well-being of each staff member and this shows his humble character despite his many achievements. Trevor holds a M.A. in Sociology and is well on his way to completing his PHD. Throughout his educational career he excelled and has earned himself several awards, once again, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in all he puts his hand to. Trevor has spent a large part of his life traveling and working abroad but still manages to engage in sporting activities and hobbies as a good work/leisure balance is essential to a well-rounded life and longevity. He is an active scuba diver and plays recreational golf but also has a keen interest in soccer, squash, skydiving, sailing and sport shooting.

Video Unit Manager, Christalene De Kella spent Friday afternoon with our MD and did a brief interview.

To all in his employ at Working on Fire, he is our boss, our commander in chief and our fearless leader. Today we would like to take the opportunity to wish him a Happy Bosses Day and continued success in every aspect of his life! Aluta Continua!

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