Harding Team targets communities to reduce fire risks

5 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

The KwaZulu-Natal Harding Team has been educating various communities on how to be fire safe and reduce the risk of wildfires this winter fire season.

The team visited the Mkhoba, Ndaka, Khwezi, Ndakeni, Mawane and Nkungwenicommunities. 

Harding’s Base Communication Representative Lucky Ncobela says, “We split the team in two and targeted two communities per day to educate as many households as possible.”

The team emphasised that community members must construct firebreaks with their neighbours, and understand the Fire Danger Index to know when they can make a fire.

“We asked people to cut down overhanging tree branches close to their properties and also to ensure that they have the contact details of their local fire authorities at hand should there be a fire emergency,” says Ncobela.

“Because of their visit to our homes we now know exactly what to do when there is a fire,” said a community member.