If it has four wheels; Sekie can drive it easily

10 Feb,2016Training

A dream came true for Working on Fire Limpopo’s driver Sekie Lekalakala as she completed the Yellow Card Driver Training and became the first WoF female driver in the province.

“I’m very blessed to have a supportive family and colleagues who encouraged me to look beyond my capabilities and to work harder towards my dream of being the first woman to drive a samil,” said Sekie during her interview.

Sekie joined WoF on 6 September 2010 as a fire fighter. She heard from friends that WoF was recruiting fire fighters. She competed with her males counterparts and sailed through the recruitment process and secured her a spot as a fire fighter.

In 2011 during the Wild fire congress in Rustenburg Sekie was motivated by the ladies who were driving Samil and right then she knew she had to be behind the steering wheel.

“When I looked that lady, I just saw myself in her position; after all I had a code 10 driver’s licence and have driven a truck before. When I told my colleagues, at first they laughed at me, but when they saw how serious I was they became supportive,” said Sekie.

Sekie applied to be a driver in 24 September and went through the necessary training which she passed. She proved that she was born to drive the samil. In 2015 February Sekie passed her probation and was authorised to be a samil truck driver.

Even though Sekie is qualified as a driver she still has a challenge of having to prove herself among her male colleague. Her highlight was driving the Fire Truck like she was driving a minivan which earned her some respect amongst male drivers.

“The only challenge I have is that I work far away from home and from my two lovely kids. But on the other hand I am lucky because I have a loving sister who always looks after them in my absence and that makes it easier for me,” said Sekie.

Sekie sees herself as the transport manager one day. With hard work, determination, respect and her willingness to learn she will get there. Everything is possible with WoF offering support to its beneficiaries.