Instant self-defense for WoF beneficiaries

10 June, 2015


Instant self-defense for WoF beneficiaries

10 Jun,2015WoF Women


South Africa is a beautiful country, yet like any other country it is faced with many challenges, violence against women is one of those challenges. The Working on Fire Training Academy subscribes to no violence against women, it is for this reason that the “Instant Self Defense for Women” programme was introduced for beneficiaries.

What instant self-defense for women is all about Instant self defense for women is first of all about avoiding being assaulted or even bothered; about seeing trouble well ahead and not walking into an ambush; about discouraging an attack by your attacker; and only when all else fails is it about neutralizing an attack that could not be prevented.

The “neutralizing” ought to be done in a manner that minimizes the chance of the defender being victimized by the law. What I mean is that any harm to the attacker, no matter how grave, must be the direct consequence of a purely defensive action. Take this hint: The best defenses look like accidents and then can be explained as accidents too. And for sure they have to be explainable, in a court of law, as actions meant solely to protect the defender and not purposefully harm the assailant. With a little practice and a cool head, anyone can turn an attack into a bad accident for the attacker.

“You must realize that fighting is not necessarily self-defense, and the best selfdefense is not having to fight. Nevertheless, being a proficient fighter helps in self-defense. Good fighters are calm, relaxed, hard to upset, and thus hard to provoke and draw into a fight, discipline plays an important role in this regard, and the discipline acquired from this program can help in other aspects in the student life”.says

Comfort Mavuso, the self defense instructor. This program is also not just about physical self defense, it also offers tips on how to avoid physical abuse. Should you be faced with potentially abusive situations the following tips can come in handy:

Learn to ignore: There are stages of ignoring, speak coolly, ignore and walk on looking happy.

Get out: When physical abuse is taking place on you or someone else you must get out and tell the authorities, it maybe hard but it is the best thing, if you can’t get out then use phones.

Be prepared to: learn to defend yourself, learn martial arts.

The Working on Fire Academy encourages beneficiaries to take part in this program when they come to the Academy. The classes are conducted by qualified instructors who put safety first when conducting exercises.

Written by Pretty Mathebula – Training Academy



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