It was an opportunity of a lifetime to fight fires in Canada

25 Aug,2015WoF International Deployments

For Thabisa Nogwina, a fire fighter from Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape, the call to go to Canada and help with wildfires over there came as an opportunity of a lifetime that she will use to better her life.

Thabisa joined Working on Fire in 2008 as a fire fighter and said that even though they had to travel halfway across the world it will be a life changing experience for her.

“Tears of happiness rolled down my face when I was told that I am going to Canada, but more importantly I realised that as a female it was even going to be more special during women’s month. It was difficult at first to adapt but the Canadians made us feel welcome throughout our time over there”, she said.

“The reception that we received when we got back was even more special and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with my team members and teaching them about life beyond the Eastern Cape and South Africa”.