Kgaswane Team teaches workers about fire safety

25 Oct,2015WoF and Dept of Env Affairs

The Kgaswane Team in the North West Province led a successful fire awareness campaign with the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) employees that are currently working at the Kgaswane Mountain Reserve.

The team conducted a presentation around the park teaching them about the causes and dangers of fires, safety, first aid, PPE and PPC they use during fire suppression and they also continued with fire demonstrations and how they suppress it.

The workers at the park were very happy to be part of the awareness as they also exchanged valuable information.

Aubrey Monareng, one of the Kgaswane Team members, said, “It was a great experience for us as this was our first time conducting a community awareness as a team and I am very proud of my team mates because after the presentation people were asking questions and they were able to respond to as many questions as possible which shows they understood the purpose of doing community awareness.