Let us women conquer our fears

18 Aug,2015WoF Women

For Nombuso Malevu being the only female driver in KZN has not prevented her from following her dreams and she performs her duties with pride and dignity.

The driver from the eDumbe base was recruited on the 24 October 2011 at Nkandla as a fire fighter and after driver training was offered in 2013, she jumped at this opportunity and even though it was very intimidating to drive a Samil at such a young age she easily qualified as a driver in WoF.

“I am proud that I was able to conquer my fears and the negative voices that thought that I would fail. People are very impressed when they see me behind the wheel driving such a big vehicle and I’ve gained a lot of experience and a lot of respect from my colleagues”, she said.

“All I can say to WoF women is don’t let other people tell you what is good or bad for you but just be who you are and do your thing. Don’t be afraid to drive big trucks which can be big outside but inside it’s like other cars”, she quipped.