Living the Working on Fire values is the number one priority

24 Jan,2018Profiles, WoFire News

Living the Working on Fire values of Accountability, Adaptability, Teamwork, Excellence and Making a Difference in the lives of our firefighters and those communities and landowners whom we serve remains our number one priority.

This was the overwhelming message that came out of the recently concluded Senior Management meeting of Working on Fire, which was attended by Heads of Departments and General Managers from the programme.

Managing Director Trevor Abrahams told the meeting that everyone in Working on Fire, from management down to our participants, needs to understand these values and use them to benchmark their daily tasks to ensure that the programme saves lives , protects our environment and restores the dignity of our participants.

“Whether you are a Manager, a Crew Leader, a Base Manager or a firefighter, living the Working on Fire values must be an integral part of your daily tasks,” said Abrahams.

Much of the focus of the two-day meeting was on the Standardisation Processes and Back to Basics workshops that have been rolled out in the provinces.