MD Message July 2015

17 Jul,2015MD Message

As you all well aware by now there are 48 Crew Members from Working on Fire who are currently in Alberta, Canada, where they are providing assistance to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC), as hundreds of fires have swept across much of Western Canada during the past month.

As part of a resource sharing arrangement between Canadian fire fighting agencies and ourselves, our Crews have been deployed to Edmonton, from where they have been dispatched to assist with the suppression of wildland fires in the surrounding forestry areas.

From all accounts our Crews have been warmly welcomed by the Canadians and they are doing excellent work in having helped to put out fires in Alberta, Canada. Let us continue to keep them in our thoughts and wish them well as they continue with their work over in Canada.

Lastly you would have seen the earlier communication around the work being done by FFA Aviation to ensure that their aircraft are up and flying real soon. In instances where our fire fighting capacity might be impacted by the grounding of the FFA Aviation resources we have mobilised teams from across the country to ensure that there will be enough resources available on the ground. These teams will thus be able to provide support in areas where the unavailability of aerial resources will be felt the most.

The participants in Working on Fire continue to be on high alert as we are in the midst of the winter fire season. Aerial fire fighting is a key component of fire suppression but the teams on the ground play an essential role in bringing fires under control. These ground teams are still operational and the grounding of the FFA Aviation aircraft won’t have any impact on the deployment of these teams to fires. We want to reassure our par tners, stakeholders and communities that these participants in Working on Fire will continue to provide fire suppression and prevention services throughout the country whilst FFA Aviation is working with the CAA to clarify issues related to the grounding of their aircraft.