Mental health awareness workshop for Limpopo participants

6 Dec,2017Profiles, WoFire News

The month of October is regarded as mental health awareness month with World Mental Health Day marked on 10 October every year.

To raise awareness this month, WOF Limpopo’s Provincial Social Development Practitioner (SDP) conducted workshops at the bases to educate WOF participants about living with people who are intellectually challenged.

“The main objective was to inform and educate the colleagues about mental health. Much of the focus was on educating people not to discriminate against those who are primary victims and their families,” says Provincial SDP Michael Ramatsea.

Ramatsea also emphasises that we should not only take good care of the intellectually challenged when it suits or benefit us, but instead they should be loved and nurtured all the time.

Many intellectually challenged people are abused by their families and used as a source of income (through disability grants).

“Through awareness we hope to make a change in our society and to encourage the community to work together in taking care of these intellectually challenged people as they didn’t choose to be the way they are,” says Ramatsea.