My journey as the first female driver in WoF Eastern Cape

15 Nov,2015WoF Women

“Being a driver does not only end behind the steering wheel, it also requires a person to be able to take care of his or her vehicle,” said Zimasa Tiba the first female driver in the Eastern Cape.

Zimasa said this during the Drivers Yellow Card Training Camp that was recently held at Wriggleswade Dam (Eastern Cape) for five days where drivers were equipped on defensive driving.

“I am very happy that we were given a chance to join this camp which is the first of its nature for drivers in our province as we learnt a lot about fire fighting fundamentals, radio communication, water delivery and also why drivers must be fit all the times,” Zimasa said.

She said that her journey has not been easy since she became the driver as their were so many challenges that she came across. “I joined the programme in 2011 as the only female driver in the province and I was taken for the Advanced Driving in Nelspruit and when I came back I had to do my probation in another province and it was so difficult but I never gave up,” she added.

Zimasa said she loved her job so much and she was passionate about it and challenges didn’t matter a lot as they kept her strong every day. “Being far from home, driving in roads that I am not familiar in another province and being a new female driver was so hard for me but myt eagerness to be someone better kept me going,” she said with a smile.

Zimasa also extended her gratitude and thanks to WoF for having given her this opportunity to excel in the programme. “If it wasn’t for these opportunities given to me I would have not been able to provide for my familly, thank you Working on Fire”.