New Fire Truck to help make our jobs easier

20 Sep,2015WoF service

A brand new fire truck from Working on Fire has been delivered to the De Wildt Helpmekaar Fire Protection Association. It was delivered by Gauteng Province’s Transport Officer, Thabo Modimoeng, recently.

He said that the truck will be used to transport the Working on Fire Team in and around De Wildt to call outs. Thabo said that transport for De Wildt has been an old problem.

‘‘We have a well-trained driver for the truck. It means the team will do its work effectively,’’ he said.

The truck has 23 seats for fire fighters and a water tank. According to fire fighter Peter Philips the truck will make the work of the team much easier.

‘‘The truck complies with occupational health and safety standards of operations. It means safety of our crew is prioritized,’’ explained Philips. Modimoeng said that FPA saw a need to have the most advanced fire trucks.

‘‘We need to commend the Fire Protection Association for being bold in requesting our truck. It means our team’s work is valuable to landowners in the area,’’ said Modimoeng.