Participant buys himself new wheels

16 Jan,2017Profiles

Aubrey Monareng is a Type 1 crew leader at Kgaswane Base who joined the Working on Fire Programme in 2010 as a firefighter.

In 2011 he became the Type 2 crew leader at his base which motivated him to dream even bigger. He was selected to do a Type 1 crew leader course at Nelspruit in 2012 and became the first Type 1 crew leader in North West.

Monareng always dreamed of buying himself a car one day. “I started budgeting and saved up some money to fulfil my dream and, with the support I got from my family, I managed to reach my dream,” Monareng says.

In June this year Monareng bought himself a car. “Working on Fire came to my rescue when I needed it the most and gave me a better job and a bright future.” Monareng is currently on the Wildland Learnership course in Nelspruit which will equip him to understand how to control fires and read maps.

“I would like to thank the Working on Fire programme for all the opportunities they have granted me. To the firefighters, WOF is a key to success which gives a better life for everyone who is patient and willing to work hard,” says Monareng.