Participant’s rapid rise to the top

12 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

Thabo Moiloa possesses an inspirational story of how persistence, hard work and a little bit of luck can open doors that you never thought would open.

Moiloa joined Working on Fire in June 2004 as a firefighter in the Qwa Qwa team in the Eastern Free State.

This was the first WOF base to be established in the Free State.

He was promoted to Type 2 Crew Leader in the same year and served in that position until 2008 when he became a Type 1 Crew Leader.

Many management qualities were identified in Moiloa and he was swiftly promoted to the position of Regional Manager.

He successfully managed various teams within the province for three years.

With an evident passion for ground operations and integrated fire management, Thabo was promoted to the position of Ground Operations Manager for the Free State.

Through Working on Fire Moiloa has been privileged to travel abroad. He worked in East Kalimantan in Indonesia as a Divisional Supervisor where he provided integrated fire management training in the area for three months.

This year Moiloa has enrolled at the University of the Free State Business School where he is completing the Management Development Programme.

“I would like to encourage everyone in the programme, especially firefighters, crew leaders and drivers to pursue their dreams. Work hard for what you want and don’t wait for anyone to do it for you. The sky is the limit,” says Moiloa.