Passion For Running

10 Oct,2015WoF Women

Carron Peters, a participant from the False Bay Team in the Western Cape has been in the programme since 2014 and has seen how the programme can reignite the spark within her.

Carron says, “when I started working at WoF I stopped cross country running not knowing what lies ahead. The fitness training and tests kept me going because at some point I wanted to give up. I reminded myself about my passion to run and be fit.”

Before joining WoF Carron started her Cross Country/Athletics career at the age of 9 years old. At the age of 10 she made the Western Province Team and represented the province in George. At the age of 12 she represented the Western Cape in Limpopo. She then discovered she has a passion for track and field running and cross country running. In her spare time she trains young children to become fit and ready for school cross country events and competitions.