Pro bono team is a new kid on the block

10 Feb,2016Working on Fire

Maropeng team is the first pro bono team to be launched within Working on Fire programme. The team was officially launched on 9 December by Managing director Llewellyn Pillay and his senior management team in Magaliesberg. The team will be tasked with helping communities and landowners with fire suppression.

General Manager of Gauteng Province, Stephen Boyes, said he was happy to launch the new model team in his province. “Working on Fire management in the province will be managing the team on behalf of the community,’’ he said

The General Manager said the team will be doing some of the work free of cost for communities. ‘‘This means that communities and landowners can use the team for certain projects without incurring costs,’’ said Stephen.

Managing director, Llewellyn Pillay said the pro bono team will be very instrumental in the area especially with fire suppression and conserving the environment.

‘‘Safety of the participants is my number one priority for all my teams. Therefore the pro bono team is still obliged to observe safety regulations,’’ explained Pillay.