Programme helping me to finish studies

22 Feb,2017Profiles

Thabo Makola’s dream of becoming a sound engineer was cut short when he could not pay his tuition fees.

“I did not have R2 000 to pay my tuition fee for the final two modules to complete my National Diploma in Sound Engineering at the University of South Africa,” says 23-yearold Makola, of Leeuwfontein Team.

Makola was unable to secure assistance from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme but, while working in a temporary job in Leeuwfontein nature reserve, he heard that Working on Fire was recruiting firefighters. For him, this was an opportunity to raise money to complete his course.

“I had invested lot of time and energy in my studies and didn’t like not completing my final year,” Makola says. “This year I am registering those modules and I must complete them.”

His parents were happy to hear that he will finish his qualification.

“Working on Fire saved my dream career through the work opportunity it provided,” says Makola.