WoF TV News Season 3 Episode 6

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Season 3 Episode 6 overview

  1. Working on Fire prides itself in the training and development programmes it offers to the participants, which often prepares them to successfully move onto jobs in the environmental, emergency services and security sectors. We’ve had many of these good stories to tell where our participants either joined the South African Police Services, the South African National Defense Force, SANParks and many other local municipalities.

    As part of Youth Month to showcase how Working on Fire has changed the lives of many young people WOF TV NEWS traveled to the Golden Gate Highlands National Park where we went to find out how 3 former fire fighters were doing after they were successfully employed at this National Park as Field Rangers.

    And in the Limpopo Province our fire fighters went beyond the call of duty when they donated cleaning materials to the Mahwelereng Centre of Hope.

    Please watch this special episode as they share their journey with us.