WOF TV News Season 5 Episode 18

WOFCare Packages 2018

Season 5 Episode 18: WOFCare Packages 2018

In 2003 Nelson Mandela, said “Our children are our future and one of our basic responsibilities is to take care of them in the best and most compassionate manner possible”. Inspired by this message and in celebration of the Centenary of Nelson Mandela, Working on Fire handed out 1 850 WOFCare Packages to the children of our firefighters across the country as a gift of hope which will provide for essential personal care basics and educational toys.
A huge thank you to all our WOF management, stakeholders, partners, Fire Protection Associations, corporate sponsors and members of the public for all your generous contributions, in cash and in kind, for making this initiative a huge success.
Watch this video to see the heartwarming moments.