Restoring Knysna through fire awareness

5 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

Following the recent fires which engulfed Knysna, the Western Cape Community Fire Awareness Officer (CFAO ), Rayganah Rhoda, and Fire Awareness Training Officer (FATO) Androlene Killian, conducted a FireSafe workshop in Knysna for 30 members of the Kleinkrans and Syferfontein communities.

The workshops, hosted at Lawaaikamp Community Hall on 19 and 20 June 2017, marked the beginning of a series of fire awareness, door-todoor, and risk reduction campaigns that will take place across Knysna.

Rhoda says, “FireSafe workshops increase the awareness of fire risks and how communities can mitigate these risks.

It is vital to educate communities and children in this regard.

The focus of these workshops was on safe evacuation plans within the community, risk evaluations and the importance of risk reduction.

well-informed community will ensure a safe and speedy evacuation plan which could result in the minimal loss of lives as well as the safety of everyone.”