Rising above her disability

25 Feb,2017Profiles

Restoring dignity is one of the key messages of Working on Fire, and through this key message WOF has changed a lot of lives across the country.

Twenty-five-year-old Alettah Mbabala is one of the participants whose life changed for the better since she joined the WOF family.

She joined WOF as a store controller in June 2015 at Modimolle Base in the Waterberg district in Limpopo. Prior to joining WOF she was employed as a teacher at the Boitumetse Pre-School in Modimolle.

Joining WOF came as a blessing to Mbabala as her life made a turn to the better. Since being employed as a store controller, WOF equipped her with various skills and not only limited to store management.

“Growing up I used to be a shy person and I lacked confidence. I thought people judged me based on my disability and as a result I never raised my comments to any group of people. I used to feel like my suggestions will be laughed at,” says Mbabala.

Through its skills development programme, WOF empowers participants with presentation, discipline, leadership and many other skills. After attending a presentation skills workshop Mbabala was asked to conduct a fire awareness presentation. Through this workshop and presentation she regained her self-confidence and hasn’t looked back.

Mbabala is now doing motivational speaking at the schools within her community. She is using her experience to motivate learners to refrain from creating stumbling blocks for themselves by believing that they are incapable.

“Look at me now, who would’ve thought that one day I could stand in front of a crowd and speak without being afraid of being judged. My disability doesn’t define the person I am. I have started a journey through WOF and far is where I’m going,” says Mbabala.