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Food security – the availability of healthy nutrition – remains a major challenge to many South Africans.

Too many of our people are malnourished.

Working on Fire’s Food Security Programme was birthed in 2012 as a direct response to the socio-economic realities of participants – which included the problem of food insecurity.

WOF’s Food Security Programme

aims to:


  • Ensure safe nutritional organic food is accessible to WOF participants, their families and the communities located close to WOF bases, throughout South African.


  • Educate WOF participants and people from needy communities on the importance of safe organic nutritional food. 


  • Empower these stakeholders with the skills and resources to establish and maintain food gardens


During the 2018 WOF Social Development review and strategic planning the proposal was made for the expansion of the Food Security Programme.

The focus of the expansion is on the set up and support of Organic Nurseries throughout South Africa.

Organic Nursery Expansion Project:


  • Establish organic nurseries in provinces to provide organic seeds and seedlings to food security projects, schools and churches and the broader communities. 


  • Encourage entrepreneurial opportunities for WOF participants or enthusiastic community members – to take ownership of the concepts, build a business, create revenue and even create jobs for at least 5 persons per province, totaling about 45 unemployed youth throughout South Africa.