Storepersons speak out about disability

25 Jan,2017WoF Firefighters with disabilities

South Africa commemorates National Disability Rights Awareness Month annually between 3 November and 3 December. KZN Social Development Practitioner, Hloniphile Ndlovu, challenged KZN teams to try to understand the daily difficulties faced by storepersons who live with disability.

“Disability Awareness Week is not about feeling sorry for people with disabilities. It’s about taking the time to learn and hear the voices that are not always active in teams – the storepersons’ voices,” says Ndlovu.

Various teams with members who are living with disability took the time to try and understand the challenges their colleagues go through. This was a voluntary process for all storepersons who were willing to share their stories with their teams with the aim of making one another’s work easier, with support and mutual care, and not pitying or teasing.

The Winterton Team’s Base Manager Mr Mzolo shared his story. He had been a taxi driver who was injured in an accident, after which he went to study and got a job at the municipality.

“Some of us were not born disabled but find ourselves with a disability in life. But we understand it is not the end of your life but another chapter of your life that begins, with different experiences, and what is more important is to learn to live with disability,” said Mr Mzolo.