They are ready for the upcoming fire season

8 Nov,2016Training

A Yellow Card training camp was held in Witelsbos for two weeks, attended by 112 firefighters from the eight teams in the West District of the Eastern Cape.

The Ground Operations Manager (GOM ) for the West District, Mxoli Cabela, says the objective of the training camp was to issue competency cards to all the participants that passed the required fitness test and examinations.

“We assessed the readiness of the firefighters by testing their fitness in order to see if they are mentally and physically fit to face fires during the fire season,” explains Cabela.

Cabela says that the Yellow Card training camp is a good opportunity for firefighters to refresh their firefighting skills as they get ready for the fire season.

“The Eastern Cape province has two fire seasons; the winter fire season that runs from May to October for the East District, and the summer fire season for the West District teams that starts in December as it’s closer to Southern Cape,” he explains. He says that all the firefighters worked very hard to obtain their yellow cards as they passed their 2.4km run, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups tests as well as passing through a fire wall.

Firefighters face very hot weather and heat while fighting fires and they need to be fit in order to survive such situations. Londeka Blouw, a female firefighter from the Jansenville Team, says she was happy to get her yellow card because it qualified her to fight fires during fire season.

“The tests we went through during the Yellow Card training were very tough but through hard work and dedication we succeeded as a team,” she explains.