Toughest firefighter at Yellow Card Training Camp in Mpumalanga

17 May,2017Training

Joshua Morole, a 29-year-old firefighter from the Wilgeboom Team in Mpumalanga, was declared the toughest firefighter after winning a push-up competition at the Yellow Card Training Camp (YCTC) held to prepare firefighters ahead of the upcoming winter season.

Morole did 125 push-ups in a push-up competition with three other participants from the Injaka Salique and Graskop Teams in the Escarpment region during the YCTC.

“It wasn’t an easy win. I was competing with very strong fellow firefighters, but I am glad I was the last man standing in the end,” says Morole.

Morole joined WOF in 2012 and has received training as a brushcutter operator. He plans to use his stipend to get a driver’s licence in the near future.