Unemployed youth recruited in Molteno

7 Dec,2015WoF Recruitment

Working on Fire has put a smile on the faces of some young men and women in the Molteno District in the Eastern Cape after recruiting a team to replace one of the recently closed bases in the province.

Regional Manager, Balise Rosali, said the recruiting process was difficult because 185 potential participants attended the recruitment.

‘‘We recruited 21 of which 30 percent were females and one disabled. We are committed to sending them for the 25 days training in January 2016. I am glad that they will be able to get a living wage as unemployment in that area is very high’’, said Rosali.

The base manager for the team, Jasper Van der Linde, said he is pleased to welcome a fire fighting team to the area as they have many fires during the fire season and they will use the team productively to reduce alien vegetation during the rainy season.

‘‘This is an opportunity for young people to make a living and at the same time care for the natural resources. I have heard that the WoF fire fighters are very disciplined and I am looking forward to working with them’’, said Jasper