Welcome to new Fire Awareness assistants

12 Dec,2015Fire Awareness

The KwaZulu-Natal Communications Cluster recently welcomed Simphiwe Dlamini and Bongumusa Nyathi, who were both previous Type One Crew Leaders, as the new Fire Awareness Assistants.

For the past couple of months they’ve been working with the Community Fire Awareness Officer, Makhosi Dladla, and Fire Awareness Training Officer, Khulani Zulu. “What I’ve seen working with Simphiwe and Bongumusa is that they are eager to learn, easy to work with and have a passion for educating people”, said Makhosi.

Simphiwe said, “From working at base level to working in an office environment was a big change especially when it comes to professional etiquette, fortunately I have experience in computers. I had a challenge using the correct language when sending an email to stakeholders or to my supervisors but I learned very quickly how to do things correctly”.

The two Fire Awareness Assistants have started doing workshops with teams and communities and Makhosi and Khulani then assessed them on their presentation skills.

“Since starting I ’ve improved my presentation skills greatly and what I enjoy about my department is that continuous skills development is promoted. I love learning new ways of doing things, I’ve also learnt working with people from different backgrounds unlike at base level, here there are much more stakeholders to deal with”, Bongumusa said.

“We’ve been welcomed with open arms inthe province and hope to continue to maintain the standards Khulani and Makhosi have kept in KZN”, added Simphiwe.