Western Cape prepares its firefighters

7 Nov,2016Training

Working on Fire Western Cape has been hard at work as it prepares its participants for the 2016/17 summer fire season.

Just over 650 participants stationed at 28 bases within the province attended a Yellow Card training camp during 19–30 September partake in various activities at the Yellow Card training camp to refresh their firefighting skills and test their physical and mental fitness in preparation for the coming fire season.

These participants have been deployed across the province to reduce the personal and economic harm caused by unwanted veld and forest fires.

This year, 131 High Altitude Team (HAT ) participants from 12 teams across the Western Cape successfully completed a five-day refresher course at the Wolwekloof Training Academy.

This training aimed to refresh their rope access skills as well as their knowledge on the clearing of alien invasive plant species. The workshop focused on health and safety, team building, fitness as well as search and rescue.