WOF lecture focuses on Integrated Fire Management Service

13 Sep,2017Profiles, WoFire News

Mpumalanga General Manager Martin Bolton was invited by the University of Mpumalanga (UMP) to give a lecture to sugarcane farming students focusing on the control of fire.

The university facilitated a sugarcane production certificate programme from 19 June to 21 July 2017 at the UMP Mbombela campus.

Bolton’s fire lecture focused on common causes of wildfires, their impact and control measures that should be taken in case of unwanted fires.

Bolton’s detailed presentation also discussed integrated fire management services such as prescribed burning, fuel load reduction, community fire awareness, early detection and fire suppression plans.

The lecture was presented at the invitation of Gerhard Viljoen, Deputy Director in Continuing Education Services at UMP.

Viljoen says, “Burning of the cane is a common practice with cane farmers, especially the ones doing manual harvesting.”

The lecture was therefore important as it would assist sugarcane farmers to understand the control measures that should be implemented in cases of wildfires.