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KZN volunteers ready for the fire season

KZN volunteers ready for the fire season

In an effort to reduce the number of fire disasters in the upcoming fire season, Working on Fire in KwaZulu-Natal conducted a Two Day Workshop with Ward 8 and 9 community members at the Dondotha Community in the Zululand Region. Working on Fire in partnership with the...


Social Development

Through our Social Development initiatives,
we make a difference in the lives or our participants
as well as the communities around our bases.

Working on Fire Aviation

Trusted supplier of aerial firefighting services in South Africa.

17 years of Successful Partnerships

The Working on Fire (WOF) programme, funded by the Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries, will be reaching a milestone of having been in existence for 17 years during the month of September.

Fire in South Africa