Woman behind the wheel in WoF

15 August, 2015


Woman behind the wheel in WoF

15 Aug,2015WoF Women

Who are you?

“My name is Matshidiso Mthana (32) from Backdoor in Mbombela, Mpumalanga. I am currently employed as a Transport Officer.

Tell us about your background.

“After I finished my matric, I did a drivers licence code 10. It became a struggle to get a job. I heard from community members in the township who said that Working on Fire would be recruiting. I did not hesitate about my driving skills and I was recruited successfully in 2007”.

How was your first experience behind the wheel?

“I don’t want to lie but it was very scary especially to be surrounded by men only. After two days I got the job. I was so relaxed because the men that I was working with were very supportive.

What type of trucks were you driving?

“Samil and HSV”.

Do you believe that driving trucks is only for men?

“No. Women also belong in truck driving and we make the truck driving industry better than before. Women can raise the bar for the industry with exceptional skills and dedication to safe driving practice”.

Are the women welcomed in the truck driving industry?

“Yes, I believe that through positive role models, a strong work ethic and showing our support to other women, we can be our best promoters and make this industry a better career for everyone”.

How is your new career as a Transport Officer?

“I really enjoy it and getting the experience plays a crucial role in my personality and it also shows that I am a WoF champion”.

Your last message to all WoF female drivers?

“By showing professionalism, women truck drivers are making it possible to expand opportunities for other women to join the industry. Your performance and decisions on the road do not reflect on you or on the company but it reflect on all women in trucking”.



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