Working on Fire aims for accountability with its new ethics line

29 Mar,2017Working on Fire

Kishugu Holdings has launched an ethics line for all its subsidiaries, including Working on Fire.

Working on Fire is committed to serving the greater good. Through its various operations, it demonstrates passion, innovation and dedication to empowering people, protecting properties and safeguarding the environment.

Working on Fire knows that, in order to maintain this high standard throughout its operations, it needs to be responsible and accountable in its dealings. Accountability is key.

This free and anonymous ethics line enables concerned employees, as well as other Working on Fire stakeholders, to anonymously report any fraudulent, corrupt and unethical practices to an independent third party – KPMG – and by doing so, help protect the integrity of the organisation.

As our external partner in this venture, KPMG’s call centres are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 365 days a year. Its forensic agents are able to assist whistle-blowers in all 11 official South African languages, as well as an array of international languages.

Through this management tool, Working on Fire aims to remain an honest and transparent company; a company that can be trusted.