Working on Fire believes in empowering women

8 Aug,2018WoF Women, Working on Fire

Throughout Working on Fire’s operations you will find courageous, passionate and hard-working women saving lives, properties and protecting the environment. These women aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, go the extra mile and take the lead in often trying situations, yet they remain dedicated to bettering their lives and improving their skills.

Working on Fire believes in and strives towards restoring dignity to those previously disadvantaged. Over the years, Working on Fire has established itself as having the highest number of female firefighters internationally, compared to that of similar fraternities.

Currently, 31% of its firefighting force and just over 50% of WOF management are women. These women bravely fight to save lives and protect the environment in what is still perceived as male dominated industry.

Working on Fire’s progressive approach to inclusivity and diversification has provided a platform for women to grow, develop and lead.  This Women’s Month, Working on Fire has launched the Women’s Forum to provide a provincial and national network.

This established Women’s Forums will host provincial and national workshops with representatives from all provinces – including participants and provincial and national management, foster meaningful dialogues in which challenges and achievements relating to women are discussed and to generally empower more women.