Working on Fire – Canada deployment

10 June, 2016


Working on Fire – Canada deployment

10 Jun, 2016Working on Fire

Working on Fire (PTY) Ltd has successfully completed numerous international deployments in the past. We always agree on remuneration with our firefighters when going on deployments of this nature and, as in this instance, formal contracts were signed.

We are a company that is proud of the service we deliver and over the years, we have proven to the world that we are experts in fighting wildfires. We are ultimately here to save lives, the environment, and property from the damages caused by wildfires.

To have a dispute about remuneration, and to be accused of being unfair towards our people, is in direct contradiction of our company values.

It is part of the firefighter ethos to first and foremost deliver an emergency service.

We are extremely disappointed that we couldn’t resolve this internally before it escalated to become an international incident.

For Working on Fire (PTY) Ltd, it has never been about making money.  It has always been about assisting countries (such as Canada) who are facing massive and destructive wildfires.

We are currently investigating the matter internally and wish to apologise to both the Canadian government and Canadian citizens for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We wish to ensure the public that we are treating this matter with the utmost importance, and are committed to finding an amicable solution as soon as possible.



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