Workshops conducted to improve teamwork

24 Jan,2018Profiles, WoFire News

The Social Development Practitioner in Mpumalanga, Condrick Mukhudwani, recently visited the Loskop and Sterkspruit teams to conduct workshops focusing on the importance of maintaining good and healthy interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

According to Mukhudwani, the workshops were aimed at strengthening employee relations at base level, as this would enhance productivity at work.

Par ticipants were encouraged to work in groups, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining good working relationships.

Loskop Base Communications Representative Bongani Mthimunye says the workshop was important because firefighting required a great deal of teamwork.

“I am pleased that our team had a chance to attend the workshop. In a way, it helped us reflect more about how we can improve how we work and communicate with each other,” says Mthimunye.

Mathews Mthimunye, senior Crew Leader at Sterkspruit says, “My team and I also learned a lot from the workshop and we will be implementing some of the things on a daily basis, such as improving how we communicate with each other.”